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QUALITY! Compact Indoor IP20 12V 8.3A Dimmable Low Voltage LED Driver Transformer Universal AC DC Switching Power Supply PSU Module Adapter Supports 2-in-1 TRIAC and 0-10V Dimming Lighting Control



* RELIABLE – Designed especially for powering LED lights. Converts household AC current to DC for a long lasting maintenance free lighting solution.
* DUAL DIMMING – Supports both the forward phase-cut dimming and the 0-10V dimming methods. Compatible with TRIAC dimmers and most other dimmer types in the market.
* SAFE – Input and output terminals are in full isolation for safety. Automated protection against short circuit, over voltage, over current and over temperature.
* VERSATILE – Ideal for a wide range of low voltage applications including G4 lamps, MR11/MR16/GU5.3 spotlights, LED strips, CCTV camera, billboards, advertising signage and more.
* IMPORTANT NOTICE – To ensure the reliability and longevity of this product, it is recommended to keep the load at no more than 80% of its maximum capacity to allow for current fluctuations.


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